Hot Toys Are Making a Stan Lee Figure, True Believers

Finally, a figure that will do more for nerddom in one bowel movement than I can do in a year. Hot Toys aren’t the first company to try a photo-realistic figure of Stan the Credit-Taking Man, but they are the first to not to make him look like a crazy Jack Nicholson impersonator.

Don’t bother responding to this post, as I will block you. And not just you, but everybody who says my artwork isn’t good enough to win me a million dollars every day.*

Knowing Hot Toys, I presume he will come with multiple outfits to transform him into every character he has played onscreen, from “Guy Who Gets Hulk Soda From Fridge” to “Guy Who Claims to Have Been at Omaha Beach When Jack Kirby Actually Was.”  Your Casual Avengers Party Scene will not be complete without him.


*this is a massive in-joke. you are welcome to comment.