The Duran Duran/Terminator Parody You Never Knew You Needed


I get really nervous sometimes when people send me stuff with a comment like “Howdy, I did a Terminator  / Hungry Like the Wolf parody song and video. Here’s hoping somebody over there needs it in his/her life.” The law of averages suggests that such things will be desperate attention grabs which aren’t likely to be worth my while.

Not so for Jeff Dutton’s mash-up – his Duran Duran impersonation is impressively accurate, his lyrics are sharp and his editing skills are spot-on. And given the timeframe, Duran Duran totally SHOULD have done a song for the original movie – by the time Guns ‘N Roses got on that gravy train it was too late for Simon Le Bon and company.

As to Jeff’s original comment to me: yes, you DO need this in your life. We all do. It enriches us.