Trailer Twofer: The Witch and The Martian (Sadly, Not a “Versus” Mashup Movie)


It’s been a while since I’ve seen a trailer that had me in love with every single frame, but The Witch does it – this is the movie I think some of us stupidly hoped for back when Blair Witch was a thing and going to be a franchise with an elaborate prequel. Let us now take a moment of silence to chuckle under our breaths at that notion – then watch the trailer because it’s damn good.

The Martian looked like crap to me before, but everyone kept saying, “Oh, the book’s so good!” and now we’re hearing that 50 minutes of it screened and that at least those looked decent to most who saw them. The new trailer today, I will say, is far better, finally looking like its own thing and not an Interstellar prequel. (Also, “Bring Him Home” is a Les Miz song, not a tagline, people.)

Though to make it extra realistic, Matt Damon should have a shirt with pin-up art on it that gets debated on Earth more than the choice of whether to rescue him or not.