Mr. Peabody and Sherman Are Back! (Yay!) With a Fake Talk Show (Yay?)


Mr. Peabody and Sherman was one of Dreamworks’ better animated features, probably because the source material was so strong and the Jay Ward estate so protective. Though it did feature the usual obligatory mayhem, the fact that the movie was full of historical and intelligent jokes that kids will have to look up and possibly only understand years from now was a big plus. For the first time in a long time, a kids’ cartoon expected the audience to rise to the challenge rather than be spoonfed simplicity.

So it’s cool that Netflix is doing a semi-sequel to the movie as a series, and even cooler that it’s both 2D and not a visual abomination compared to the original designs. The only issue I have is that the format is of a talk show on which they interview historical figures – it sounds like an excuse to cheap out on the animation by keeping the same backgrounds for each show. Besides, Space Ghost Coast to Coast is a gold standard in fake cartoon talk shows.

Chris Parnell takes over the Peabody role from Ty Burrell, while Max Charles continues as Sherman. I hope it doesn’t tank.

h/t Sly Dante