Japanese Airline Gives Star Wars‘ BB-8 His Own Plane


There is no fighting it. BB-8 has already been pre-anointed the most merchandisable character from The Force Awakens. (Kylo Ren lost the crown when Vanity Fair showed the pic of him unmasked and it was just Adam Driver making a dorky “angry” face.)

Just to prove it, Japan’s ANA airlines, which previously unveiled plans for an R2-D2 plane, today showed off some upcoming BB-8 designs. Per CNN, the decoration won’t be all cosmetic – Headrest covers, napkins and cups that will show up on eBay immediately will feature Star Wars designs, and inflight entertainment will feature the original and prequel trilogies. (I hate saying “all six” Star Wars movies, because everyone should know well and good that even you don’t count the Ewok flicks, The Clone Wars was a theatrical animated movie that was most definitely Star Wars.)

Japan being Japan, I’m surprised we haven’t seen BB-8 Ben Wa balls yet.