GIVEAWAY: Underoos, for Adults (Extended Deadline)


Underoos, those matching underpants/T-shirt combos featuring our favorite fictional heroes and villains, are back, and they’re no longer just for kids. If you want your chest to look like that of the animated He-Man, or to sport a photo of Darth Vader, it can happen, in sizes up to XXL

My personal favorite Underoos as a kid were my Boba Fett ones, because I had no idea what the hell they were for the longest time. Then one day I’m playing with the figure, and I look at his chest, and I look at my shirt, and it just clicked. Considering how blatant most of the designs were, it was the one that took me months to figure out that felt the best in the end

Underoos have kindly offered us a set of any adult Underoos, in any size, but as usual, I’m gonna make you do something for it. In comments below, tell me the best/worst/weirdest experience you ever had in just your underwear . But there’s a catch: IT MUST BE KEPT PG. This is still a company that makes childrens’ underwear too, so don’t freak them out with adult material. By all means be as weird as you like, however – nobody will check your story for accuracy. Enter no more than five times, and prizes can be shipped to US and Canada addresses only. I’ll close this contest Aug. 15th Aug. 22nd at noon.