A Nightmare on Elm Street Is Being Remade Again, Because F**k It


The first Nightmare remake is one I don’t entirely hate. I think it features one major misstep – making Freddy Krueger more explicitly a sex offender and having him attracted to both young Nancy and teen Nancy, which isn’t really how pedophilia generally works. Ironically, he was more appealing as just a murderer in the original series. That said, Jackie Earle Haley was about as good a reconceived Freddy as you could get, if you must.

The Wrap specifically mentions Freddy and adds what seems to be educated speculation about a younger actor, which tells me this will probably be a big disappointment. The Nightmare reboot you COULD do well is one that actually expands the world of the original series – Freddy’s Dead established dream demons who can empower certain individuals, while New Nightmare suggested that horror movies can channel darker forces. I for one think that fans would be more likely to embrace another Nightmare if the killer is somebody different; unlike Jason and Leatherface, Freddy IS Robert Englund, who gave a very specific, memorable performance. If you can’t do it better than THIS, don’t bother.

Just wait – Freddy will be Nancy’s dead ex-boyfriend/stalker in this one. Calling it now.