Please, Hollywood, Option Kirk Cameron & The Crocoduck of Chaos Magick NOW


I think we all knew things would get interesting when Amazon began allowing fan fiction. But with this, they have exceeded my expectations.

Kirk Cameron has set up his Pray The Gay Away Camp. He is hoping for it to be a hit Reality TV Show. While most boys are open to letting go of their homosexual ways, JJ a young gay man who practices Chaos Magick has other plans. When JJ finishes his spell and unleashes hot Cheese Jesus, a crockoduck, and Boner Stabone, Kirk Cameron will feel passion and some sexy Growing Pains. A 7,500 word novellete of hot gay orgy action, involving crockoducks, sexy holy cheese, Chaos Magick, oral sex, anal, clone 69ing, and Stigmata hand sex.

Kirk Cameron himself should make this movie – it would automatically be a million per cent better than that terrible Christmas thing he did last. And he could claim he’s just exposing Crocoducks for the sinful creatures that they are.

Here’s an excerpt:


h/t Erik Childress