Star Wars: Rogue One Villain Rumor?


Take this with a grain of salt, but based on some recent goings on in the Star Wars universe, this seems legit. Birth Movies Death has an interesting rumor about a villain in Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One. Hit the jump if you want to maybe be spoiled a little.

We all know that the rumored plot of Rogue One is that it’s a Star Wars heist flick – a group of rebels teaming up to yoink the plans to the first Death Star from the Empire, setting up the events of A New Hope. Birth Movies Death is reporting that somewhere behind the scenes, Darth Vader will be working against the heroes, trying to thwart their plans.

Personally, I can dig it. It sounds legit based off of Vader’s recent appearance on Rebels, and from what we’re seeing in the current Star Wars comics – he’s the Emperor’s troubleshooter, the guy who gets sent around the galaxy to solve problems for the Empire with brute force or skill. My only concern here is that they’ve been setting Vader up to fail an awful lot – he obviously doesn’t wipe out the crew in Rebels, and unless there’s a major retcon to Episode 4 coming (or the heist fails, rendering the entire movie pointless in a larger universe), he’s not going to succeed here either.

I really like the idea of Vader functioning as the xenomorph from Alien: Resurrection, an unstoppable killing machine where your only option when he shows up is to run like hell, but I’m kinda eeh on the idea of putting him into historical situations where HE can’t win. He’s due for a win.