Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Venus de Milo Action Figure, Now With Arms


Trust Japan to try to improve on a classic. The poor girl was completely armless, and now she’s a LOT more suggestive as a Figma action figure who gets to show off more butt-crack than the original artwork. Adding articulation to a toy of a statue – can we dub this the Reverse McFarlane?

This toy arrives a few thousand years too late for the ancient Greeks who undoubtedly fantasized about some marble friction, but if there’s one thing we know about Japan, it’s that somebody there will develop the fetish anew. Venus comes with the main figure, base, breast & head parts, lost arms, apple (for starting the Trojan War, presumably) and hand parts.

Figma’s statue series previously included The Thinker – should we assume Michelangelo’s David will be next? And what exactly will he do with that big ol’ hard club, once he has the joints to swing it?