NECA’s Mego-Style Pamela Voorhees With Li’l Jason Is an Awkward Family Photo on Crack


It may be Friday the 12th today, but this convention exclusive from the original Friday the 13th is perhaps the most amazingly disturbing Voorhees family collectible to date. It’s reminiscent of the Awkward Family Photos website, but without the sense that folks in the images self-submitted the pics and are in on the joke. Instead, they realize that their pretense at normalcy is about to slip and they’ll have to kill you for noticing.

As far as I’m aware, this is the first fully articulated figure of Jason as he appeared in the very first film, and with a whole new body type, NECA has gone all-out. Presented as a convention exclusive, most likely because Toys R Us’ buyer probably looked at it and screamed in terror, it’s the first of their retro-ish figures since Django that I think will be an absolute must-have for people who weren’t fans of the style before. In a particularly nice touch, they let Ari Lehman, the actor who played kid Jason, unveil the images first, and they’re all on his Facebook page.