Snow Is Coming. Jon Snow, That Is. To 1/6 Scale Toy Collections


Every wall of toy shelves needs a watcher, and Threezero toys has one for you; one so precise that rather than call him a 12″ scale figure, they specify that he is in fact 11.4″ tall. The third and best-looking so far in their Game of Thrones line, he can now stand as your first line of defense against AT-At Walkers and Wild Things, depending on your particular collection.

Pre-order for this figure will begin on Friday, May 15th 09:00 a.m. HKT (Previous day at 9:00pm EDT) at Threezero’s online store, with additional quantities to be available through the HBO store later; at $160, he’s not exactly cheap until you start comparing him to other figures of a similar size and likeness. For $190, you can get a deluxe version that comes with his pet wolf, Ghost (see larger pic below).

Now, Threezero, we’re overdue for a female figure in the line. I hear that lady with the pet dragons is kinda popular.