Goonies 30th Anniversary Plushes Are Good Enough For Me, A-Yai-Yai-Yai-Yeah


Have you ever longed to do the Truffle Shuffle…IN BED? Or devour a Ruth, Baby…IN BED? Okay, maybe you’ve never played the fortune cookie game. But Gordos Plush is delivering a licensed Goonies tie-in to join you at sleepytime, set to debut at the June 4th Goonies 30th Anniversary celebration in Astoria, Oregon.

Yeah, I know, ya pervs, it’s shocking they didn’t go with Martha Plimpton first. But they’re looking to do Anne Ramsey down the line, for those of you who’d love a throw Momma from a trained (pro).

If you’d rather snuggle up to a skeleton pirate or an Asian tech-geek, however, you’ll have to help out on Kickstarter. Ready for that pitch? Hold on to your potatoes…