City Council in Richmond, CA, Bans Attacks on Individuals by Space Weapons


We’re not talking about, say, a Russian orbiting missile platform attacking a city here, people. We’re talking a city council that has specifically banned space-based attacks on individuals.

Councilmember Jovanka Beckles, a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA), introduced the resolution, saying it begins to address concerns of a Richmond resident who claims she’s been targeted by “remote transmission” from space-based weaponry.

Way to fight that stereotype that California progressives are flaky and weird.

“I’m going to support the resolution for the simple reason that we have voted on a lot of dumb ideas,” [councilman Nat]Bates said.

Government logic, ladies and gentlemen.

Mayor Tom Butt voted no, saying he believes the conspiracy theory behind space-based weapons is above the heads of city leaders

Huh-huh. “Butt.”

RPA members, however, argued that this issue is not just about war but about the individuals in the U.S. who believe governments are using futuristic weapons in space for the purpose of inflicting pain and mind control. Martinez argued that they may very well be telling the truth. He recalled a science fiction novel he wrote a paper on during college that predicted truths 20 years in advance.

Solid logic there, I guess.

Amy Lee Anderson, a “targeted individual” who brought the matter to Beckles’ attention, was thankful that the council took up the issue.

“No where in the United States, no targeted individual can get this support,” Anderson said. “We just needed one person, one city. Because of that, you all our heroes. We are dying within because the technology is so sophisticated. It’s hard for someone who has no experience to fathom it, it’s so sophisticated.”

The final vote was 5-2. The comments at The Richmond Standard are golden.