Top-Down Smackdown: Best Bootleg Shirt of the Day


No lengthy column ideas today. Just this beauty of a shirt available in multiple colors on

For those not into wrestling who don’t get the joke: that individual pictured isn’t Finn Balor, nor has he ever held the two titles you see him with right there. The comments, as always with weird shit on Amazon, are amazing:

“Finn Balor is the pride of the indigenous Samoan population of Ireland, so if you wear this shirt there you will be touched.”

“As soon as I put on this shirt, I gained the uncanny ability to cock my arm like a shotgun and punch through brick walls.”

“I do not recall Finn Balor losing his wrestling ability, getting a major tan, growing dingy hair, getting a large sleeve tribal tat, saying the “looney tunes” style promos, nor having two belts”

$23.99 is a bit too pricey for a bootleg, though.

h/t Heather Wixson