In Sharknado 3, Mark Cuban and Ann Coulter Run the Country


“Don’t mix nerd news with politics.” It’s a request many of you make, and I try to stand by it.

Then Sharknado 3 casts Ann Coulter as Vice President of the United States. I ask you – what’s a guy supposed to do with that news?

Dallas Mavericks owner Cuban playing the president makes a sort of sense; after all, George W. Bush owned the Texas Rangers. But Coulter – well, if you ask some, her entire public persona is an act, so it makes sense that she’d try to monetize that part of it eventually. In a movie that will see shark-filled tornados attacking the entire eastern seaboard, she will presumably either blame the shark’s victims for being eaten, or point out how they’re somehow an inevitable result of the welfare state. Having her denying drastic climate shifts might be too on-the-nose, but Al Gore seems to only cameo in cartoons.

She joins Bo Derek, Chris Kirkpatrick, Chris Jericho and Jerry Springer in the announced cast to date.