See Tommy Wiseau Flub His Lines in Samurai Cop 2 Trailer


Oh hai Zorro?

If you thought the original Samurai Cop was bonkers, I don’t know what you’ll make of this trailer to the sequel, Deadly Vengeance, which looks like it’s set on board a low-budget Death Star, and adds Bai Ling and Tommy Wiseau to the cast. I like to imagine those two as Highlanders, who fought to the death when it was all over.

Anyway, hang in there till the very end of the trailer to see Tommy mess up his words. Knowing this director – I’ve worked with him a time or two in the past, and was supposedly going to have a cameo in this at one point – the final film will be even more far out and less comprehensible than what you see here. Which makes Mr. Wiseau the ideal actor for it.