And Now Inspector Gadget Is Coming Back Too

DHX Media

Some of you are already complaining that I got the DuckTales theme stuck in your head this morning. Here’s something to push it out.

Dun-da-dun-da-da, INSPECTOR GADGET, Dun-da-dun-da-da, da-da, OOH-OOH!

Yes, Inspector Gadget 2.0 is coming to Netflix, with a storyline about Dr. Claw being unfrozen in the Antarctic, and Gadget coming out of retirement. Unfortunately, Maurice LaMarche, whom the late Don Adams deemed a worthy impersonator, will not be voicing the good Inspector (Ivan Sherry gets the honors), but Tara Strong will be Penny.

Netflix is also working on new Care Bears, Magic Schoolbus and Playmobil-inspired cartoons (you knew Playmobil would eventually want in on the Lego action, right?). We’ve mentioned the new Danger Mouse before, though now we officially know how to see it.

Can we revive the Rambo cartoon next? Not that it was particularly good or anything, but I kinda loved how totally inappropriate it seemed.