SPOILERS! Which Marvel Characters Make Cameos in the Next Two Movies?


We know the core casts of Age of Ultron and Ant-Man. But now we know some of the previously existing characters who’ll be making appearances that you might not have expected.

Firstly, Idris Elba spilled the beans that Avengers: Age of Ultron will include a scene involving him, Thor, and Loki.

“Ironically, yesterday I had to…” Elba chuckles. He’s not meant to talk about this, but he clearly enjoys doing things he’s not meant to do. “I’m in Avengers,” he reveals. He means that his Thor character, deity-cum-sentry Heimdall, appears in Age of Ultron, the second instalment of the superhero ensemble franchise. “And I’m doing a scene with Chris Hemsworth [who plays Thor]and Tom Hiddleston [Loki], and they’re like, [whispers]– ‘Aren’t you [meant to be]in Ibiza?’?” That bassy chuckle again, followed by a frown. Elba came straight to Ibiza party-time from a mythical Norse god/Marvel universe that has made billions at the global box office. His head is all over the place. “That’s why I was p—– about my set yesterday. I really just wasn’t there. I was annoyed.”

While Loki is vastly becoming the Marvel movies’ version of Batman – perceived added value in every case – I’m happy to see more Elba, as his Heimdall is one of the most truly alien characters in the entire series, behaving as one above and beyond the needs of mere mortals.

Then there’s Ant-Man. Casting calls have revealed that a double is being sought for Hayley Attwell, which means Peggy Carter is involved. And not present-day Peggy Carter, as you wouldn’t need to cast a double for someone who just lies in bed dying. Now, Michael Douglas is old, but not THAT old, so I’m thinking either Hank Pym met Agent Carter as a child, or the movie’s villain is seeking something that has its origins in WWII.

By the time they get to Infinity War, this will be a story spanning twenty movies, two network shows, and multiple Netflix miniseries. Ordering that all chronologically will be a nightmare…but one of you out there is up to it.

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