Talk and Relevant Discussions in Snark: “Mummy on the Orient Express” SPOILER Thread


Let’s recap. My thoughts below…

…okay, as I mentioned previously, I haven’t had cable this week (I have had two kittens, which more than makes up for it). So once again I’m going to GUESS how might have reacted to the most likely way this episode went.

-“Are you my Mummy?” OH MY GOD WHAT A CALLBACK! I had NO idea they would do that!

-I CAN’T BELIEVE the Mummy turned out to be an ancient super-weapon/a disguise for a more cowardly villain/a sympathetic creature blindly lashing out while only needing to be understood!

-Execute Order 66.

-Yes, Capaldi has eyebrows. We got that.

-Can you believe that stupid thing Moffat threw in there just to be stupid? What a stupid-head.

-If Reservoir Dogs were remade today, everyone would be happy to be called Mr. Pink. Because even if Quentin Tarantino doesn’t watch Doctor Who, there’s no way some nerd friend doesn’t bug him about it all the time.

-So I guess next episode they’ll finally start addressing the whole afterlife thing?

-Hey Doctor – your BEST HUMAN FRIEND EVER was a military Brigadier who ended up teaching maths. It’s not that weird.

-I’m so glad we finally addressed why the Doctor looks like that Pompeii guy. We did, right? Like they said we would?

Your turn.