Fan-Made Buffy Animated Series Intro Looks Better Than the Real Show Was


Yeah, I admit I never cared much for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show (the movie’s another story – Rutger Hauer and Pee-wee Herman should be vampires more often). That said, I would watch the shit out of animator Stephen Byrne’s imagined animated show, because swinging giant monster fish around by the tail and Mega-Man-like hijinks atop a train are exactly the sorts of things more TV shows need and don’t have.

Also, just like in the very best Buffy episode of all time, nobody talks. “More fish-smashing, less dialogue” ought to be the mantra for every TV show, except maybe Deadwood, where they could cuss out the fish real good and I’d totally roll with it.

h/t Kyle at Nerdist