Aw Hell…Batman and Robin Writer Akiva Goldsman Is Maybe Doing a Teen Titans Show


Hey, guess what else?

It’s just going to be called “Titans.” Presumably so they can all be 20-something and get drunk and have sex without any of it being, y’know, illegal.

Or maybe Akiva Goldsman just wants to get Chris O’Donnell back. The project is “nearing a pilot order” at TNT, which means there’s still hope it won’t happen, but probably not a lot of hope it’ll be good. Let’s face it: we’re talking about a guy who’s had two cracks at Robin already, made him so annoying that he hasn’t really been seen onscreen since (John Blake doesn’t count), and this is the guy you’re counting on to bring him back into live-action? Deadline says in this he’ll be Dick Grayson as Nightwing, for what that’s worth – I can’t be entirely sure if that’s actual description of the show, or Deadline going by a Wikipedia description.

Nipples on Batman = Nipples on Batman. Just sayin’.