Han Solo’s Got Bigger Problems Than a Broken Leg

The Mirror

While Harrison Ford has been seen walking around in London with a suitably Star Wars-looking leg brace, a real-life Han Solo is having some difficulties of his own. British Star Warrior Dominic Kimberley is so enamored with George Lucas’ space saga that he recently had his name legally changed to that of Harrison Ford’s beloved (and, apparently, limping) smuggler. But the erstwhile Kimberley soon discovered that this move had some unexpected consequences.

From The Mirror:

The new name is on Han’s bank card but he can’t get a passport under the moniker because it is based on a fictional character.

Speaking to the Birmingham Mail , he admitted it took his mum, Catherine, some time to get used to the new name.

“She said: ‘You’ve gone a galaxy too far this time’,” he laughed. “But she saw the funny side.

“I’ve always been a fan of the films, and Han Solo was always my favourite character.

“Really, I just wanted to see how easy it was to change my name.

“I introduce myself as Han Solo and most people laugh, but old pals call me Dom. It makes their day when I walk into the bank.”

Yes friends, it seems that Han Solo is stuck in England. It beats Tatooine again I guess. This whole story reminds me of the guy I used to see in the supermarket who was a dead ringer for Chewbacca (sleeveless shirts aren’t for everyone), as well as my 7th grade music teacher who could’ve passed for Yoda. Weird.

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