TR Video Interview: Big Bird Puppeteer Caroll Spinney, With Oscar the Grouch


Even if video content isn’t normally your thing, I promise you’ll want to see at least the first minute of this. There are some minor technical issues, but they could have been a lot worse – many, MANY thanks go out to TR Twitter fan Matt Harle, who got me clean conversions of the clips (which had somehow gotten corrupted on my computer) and put them together.

Interviewing the man behind Big Bird – and the director of his documentary, Dave LaMattina – is a fascinating thing. Are Sesame Street characters considered Muppets? Who did the back end of Snuffleupagus? What did Spinney do in the Air Force? Did Mitt Romney ever apologize to Big Bird?

Answers within…

TR INTERVIEW: “I Am Big Bird” – Caroll Spinney, Dave LaMattina and OSCAR THE GROUCH! from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.