Twin Peaks Blu-ray Set for July Has 90 Minutes of Previously Unseen Footage


If you weren’t around for it the first time, it’s hard to comprehend just how goddamn weird Twin Peaks was for a major network show. Or the battles that ensued when my dad wanted to watch it and I was insistent on seeing Cheers instead (until Peaks moved to weekends, of course, where it died a slow death). But round about episode three, when Kyle MacLachlan’s Agent Cooper dreams himself into a red room with a backwards-talking little person, even I knew I was not going to be seeing the likes of this anywhere else.

Various legal issues over the years kept a complete set, of the full show, the broadcast cut of the pilot episode, and the theatrical prequel movie from all being released together – not to mention rumored deleted scenes and alternate takes – but now that gum you like is coming back in style. All the shadowy corruption, exaggerated exclamations, big screaming and crying, odd stiltedness, weird dreams, trancelike score and beautiful scenery is back. And while this was a definite predecessor to Lost in the way it set up a mystery, then steadfastly kept insisting it wasn’t about the mystery, but the characters…rest assured, new viewers, the main part of the mystery actually does get solved.

And ratings-wise, the show never recovered, teaching a young JJ Abrams the wrong lesson.