The Twilight Zone Delivers Retro Kenner-Style Figures That Don’t Suck


After those rather bad Funko figures, which took advantage of licenses by doing sculpts so soft they look nothing like the actors and therefore need no permissions, it’s refreshing to see somebody get the idea right. BifBangPow, who’ve been doing Mego-style figures with realistic heads for a while now, know that “retro” doesn’t have to mean “sucky.”

Though I will admit, the Talky Tina figure is a bit out of scale and a whole new level of creepy. Others in the line include the Kanamit, wing gremlin, tiny invader and Henry Bemis (the Burgess Meredith character who breaks his glasses after nuclear war).

The biggest omission? Rod Serling. Who wouldn’t want him to narrate your more ironic Star Wars toy-room adventures? “Offered for your consideration: one Anakin Skywalker…a boy with a dream. A BAD dream…from the Twilight Zone.”