Sad News: Young Brony in Hospital After Post-Bullying Suicide Attempt


We are fortunate to mostly live an age where passions that would have been dismissed as childish a generation ago are accepted and mainstream now – that The Lego Movie, opening this week, aims to please kids and adults is a testament to that. Sadly, this is still not the case everywhere.

I never actually attempted suicide as an 11 year-old, but I certainly felt suicidal at that age, as a toy collector, physical weakling and child of divorce in a country where none of those things was acknowledged as acceptable. I’m grateful in retrospect that I had no access I was aware of to guns, drugs or alcohol. I don’t know how young Michael Morones of North Carolina injured himself, and it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that he felt life wasn’t worth living because his particular passion – My Little Pony – was what made him the source of torment so terrible that despite a strong religious faith that undoubtedly told him suicide was not okay, he attempted it anyway.

He has damage to his brain, heart and lungs and has not woken up yet, though it seems his brain activity improves when he hears the messages that the cast of Friendship Is Magic recorded for him. Should anyone be so inclined, there’s a website for donations to help defray his medical costs. Not everyone can donate, but there’s also a space there just to leave messages of support.

I feel like in a different time we might all have been there. And the times need to change.

h/t Jason Helton