Lego CAN do Doctor Who Now, but That Doesn’t Mean They WILL

Custom by Pellaeon

I guess this means the right to those block-style UK toys expired, because Lego just posted this on their Cuuso site:

Resolved Past Licensing Conflicts

We now welcome projects based on the following licenses that used to have conflicts:

Dr. Who – February 2014

Presuming they just made a nerd foul and don’t specifically mean only the Peter Cushing movies (which we all know are the only acceptable ones to be described with the “Dr.” abbreviation), this is cautious good news, but isn’t indicative that you’ll see any mass-produced sets. Just that, like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, it has a chance if a good enough fan proposal is made. So steady those wibbly wobbly hands, and get building! Wyldstyle would make a pretty good base for Seven’s companion Ace, for starters…