The Mario Action Figure to Save Your Inner Princess


Okay. I flat-out don’t believe the claim that this is the first Super Mario action figure. Even if we ignore the Bob Hoskins movie toys, I’ve seen Mario Kart figures. I call BS on the claim. The irony is that you don’t even need to make a claim that absurd, because this is easily leaps and brick-banging bounds above anything to date.

Figuarts Mario isn’t just super-poseable, but he also features diorama bits (sold separately, alas) for perfect displays. The news is hardly bad on this front, though – unlike, say, the Figma Indiana Jones, this Mario will retail for $24.99, with diorama sets for an additional $19.99. Sadly, for an accurately sculpted and fully articulated toy these days, that is what passes for reasonable.

Do you have mush room for this fun guy? Sorry, Mario buyer…your toy is in another level of pricing. But I think you’ll pay it. Especially if you talk to a Hot Toys collector first…those folks have it TOUGH, money-wise. Mamma mia, indeed. Unlike Mario, you’ll be banging your head into a brick wall AFTER spending gold coin.

via Nerdist