Orlando’s “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” to Make You Pay Twice for Full Experience


On the one hand, it’s great news for Harry Potter fans that the young wizard’s theme-park space is expanding, with Diagon Alley, Knocturn Alley and the Hogwart’s Express. New stores, new restaurants, and a no-brainer roller coaster ride based on the Gringott’s bank vault chase from the final film are among the additions opening this summer.

On the other – the new additions are in a different park: Universal Studios Florida, versus Islands of Adventure for the current Hogwarts location. The official excuse is so that you can have the experience of riding the Hogwarts Express back and forth to “London.” The actual brass tacks is that you’ll need a park-hopper pass to do that. The Gringotts goblins couldn’t have come up with a more money-grubbing scheme.

Do me a favor and don’t tell my wife about this. Wallet’s not ready for the Deathly Hollow that will ensue.

via Variety