New Jazzpunk Game Trailer for All 15 People on Earth Who’ll Get a Johnny Mnemonic Joke


Maybe I’m being ungenerous, but I primarily remember Johnny Mnemonic as the movie that made me think I’d hate The Matrix. I couldn’t even fully enjoy The Matrix until my second viewing, because the first time I was on the edge of my seat waiting for everything to be ruined when Keanu Reeves inevitably said or did something really, glaringly stupid, like bitch about room service.

Also, the big plot reveal was a cyborg dolphin. Spoiler, for a ’90s movie you’d have seen by now if you ever really wanted to.

Anyway, this reasonably abstract trailer for the upcoming Adult Swim game Jazzpunk doesn’t have a lot to do with the game necessarily, but there are a ton of hidden references that might. And one big honking un-hidden one: Johnny Mnemonic. Which this ad is better than the entirety of.

h/t SlyDante777