Kevin Smith’s Giant Killer Jesus Movie Will Now Be a Stage Musical Instead


It seems the Clerks creator has realized he might have a little bit of trouble shopping his “mankind allies with Satan against giant Rapturing Jesus” pitch. But thanks to the success of The Book of Mormon, he thinks he’s found a venue where ruthlessly mocking a faith before ultimately giving it some credit can turn a profit. From his Facebook:

I got about 20 pages in when I realized there was no way to write this inexpensively as a feature film. Everything was requiring too many effects that I could never achieve using in-camera tricks like forced perspective. It was starting to feel like a pricier project than I know I’d ever be able to find money to make. And then I remembered this is a SModcast Picture. What do we do on SModcast sometimes? We sing. We make up stupid songs. And my favorite piece of art ever produced by human hands is the glorious BOOK OF MORMON. So… I started reshaping the HELENA HANDBAG script as a piece of SMusical theater, with BOOK OF MORMON as my spirit animal. And holy shit… does THIS feel right! After making up all those goofy tunes on EDUMACATION and PLUS ONE, not to mention the FAT MAN ON BATMAN theme song, this feels like a logical progression. And it’ll be fun (and way easier) to stage in a theater! I’m a marginally-straight 43 year old fat man who has always loved show tunes: I guess I’d better finally try writing a musical.

When Smith tries to branch out, it doesn’t always work (think Jersey Girl or Cop Out). But I for one am interested to see what he can do in the musical format, with the right songwriter.

I am also impressed at his strategy of trying to look slimmer by wearing things that are way too big for him.