GIVEAWAY: $80 in Jack in the Box Food, Celebrating New Bacon Insider Burger


The Jack in the Box Bacon Insider, debuting with a big splash in a superbowl commercial, is a burger that has bits of bacon mixed in to the beef patty, bacon strips on top, and bacon mayo as a garnish. They’re also promoting it with a nutty browser game in which you play a pig/cow hybrid turning average sandwiches into bacon extravaganzas.

And Jack wants to give you the chance to get $80 worth of these burgers or any other menu items of theirs you may choose. I am more than happy to facilitate this, because if I can’t make you fat AND happy, I can at least fill you up.

We already did a fast food item creation contest. It’s time to get crazier for this one. Wanna win? Here is your path to victory…

Jack in the Box commercials feature a unique clown-like character with a giant head; if you’ve never seen him before, watch the superbowl ad below. We’re gonna have us an art contest. In comments below, draw me your best variation on Jack – he can be a mashup with another nerd property, or any other sort of “re-imagining” you see fit (think ’60s Jack, samurai Jack, vigilante Jack, Powerpuff Girl Jack…anything). Just post your image in comments below.

You have two weekends to accomplish this – I will close entries out at noon on Feb. 10th, 2014. Enter as many times as you like; you MUST have a valid commenter account with email address to win.

Cramming your pork inside someone else’s meat ought to give inspiration. Good luck.