The Weekend Hangover: Vagina Stadiums, Amazon Drones, Ninja Pink Teddy Bears and More

via SlyDante777

Collecting highlights from the reader-submitted tips in the weekend open thread….

-Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty is like an alcoholic Back to the Future (SlyDante777)

Terminators tend to trip (10glfan59)

Also: the skull armchair that costs more than you can afford.

Salted caramel turkey ice cream (James.k.Polk)

-There’s someone for everybody. Even if you’re a Ferris Wheel named Bruce (SlyDante777)

Ball-jointed dragon toys that somebody stateside badly needs to start ripping off (rkwsuperstar)

-The trailer for Gothic Lolita Battle Bear, in which a girl and her pink teddy bear merge to form a Power Ranger, or something (SlyDante777)

-A submarine shaped like an Orca, so that SeaWorld can abuse you later (rkwsuperstar)

-The wedding cake that projects Donkey Kong, Dig Dug and Pac-Man (SlyDante777)

-The recurring prop newspaper (troi)

50 States in Lego. Possibly broadly stereotyped (rkwsuperstar).

IQ test for your dog. Presumably if he doesn’t eat his own bowel movements, he passes (James.k.Polk)

Dinosaur toilets. Probably not the plot of Jurassic Park 4, but close enough (Gallen_Dugall)

Also: moon turnips! Novel, but not enough to make anybody actually enjoy turnips.

and: based on a fishing boat? Or something else that smells kinda like fish?

-All your favorite ’80s music stars looking old and (mostly) terrible (skrag2112)

Schoolgirls love tentacles, apparently enough to make it a game (Timely-Tardis-Lego)

-Crucial Adventure Time plot element in game most people hate (SlyDante777)

Sin City TV series that, like most things Robert Rodriguez announces, will never happen (troi)

Power bacon deodorant, so that Wayne Campbell will mistake you for a cop (troi).

Snail shit colored tiling (SlyDante777)

Be A Man! Samurai School: Japan, This Is What’s Called Being A Man! Let’s see if the game can possibly live up to that title (FakeAssName)

Adult erotic coloring book, that probably will not be used primarily for coloring (rkwsuperstar)

Shark chokes on moose. Syfy wonders why they didn’t think of that first (troi).

-Amazon is amassing a drone army (James.k.Polk)

Also there were 100 or so posts about things millennials supposedly don’t remember, but since nobody on there mentioned 7up Gold, I will just refer you back to the thread itself if you’d like to see them all.