Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Sexy Mushroom Commercials


Mushrooms are a fungus, like athlete’s foot and and any number of itchy afflictions in your other moist areas. They are also grown in shit. So making them actually sexy…well, it’s a bit of a challenge. Or so you’d think. But then the Japanese people don’t tend to think like we do.

In a series of commercials by the Hokto mushroom brand, a woman preparing to buy, eat or cook mushrooms suddenly finds herself in the presence of a super-sexy dude with mushrooms for earrings, who gives her immediate orgasms solely from his amazing mushroominess. If this is how the Japanese view mushrooms all the time, it’s no wonder Mario will go through all manner of tortures to get the girl. The effects would clearly be less fun on your own (for that, of course, we have lattes).

The ads don’t have subtitles, but they don’t need them. Just watch…

h/t Anyone00