Monty Python to Tour Again. Does Not Give You Permission to Resurrect Your Impersonation of Them.


i remember my high school English teacher announcing, “There’s gonna be a new Monty Python movie! It’s called The Fisher King!” Ahh, teachers. What they don’t know could fail you on an exam. But this reunion, minus Zombie Graham Chapman, seems pretty legit – why, the one who needs the money most, Terry Jones, says it’s happening! Seriously, a formal announcement is expected Thursday with more details.

So now a whole new generation of drama geeks will grow up doing terrible falsetto English accents and thinking they’re hilarious for it. Just to try to be remotely preemptive here: The Pythons are funny because they’re FUNNY, not because they’re English and sometimes dress like women. If that were all it took, people would verbally impersonate Benny Hill, instead of just remembering Yakity Sax.

What would you want to see in a Monty Python tour – the stuff you’ve memorized by heart, or some actual new material?