Moles Are the New “Evil Spock Goatee” in Muppets Most Wanted Trailer


So it looks like the new Muppets movies are following the pattern of the original, best trilogy. Film 1: get the band together. Film 2: criminal caper in Europe, with mistaken identity and a charming con-man at the heart of it. It may not be the most groundbreaking way to bring everybody back to the big screen, but, um…Danny Trejo’s in this one! Machete Kills…it onstage with Muppets!

I won’t deny, though: Russian-accented evil Kermit trying to learn how to impersonate good Kermit is the best gag in the trailer. The bit where Ty Burrell and Sam compare badge sizes is probably the worst; it’s basically a dick-measuring joke in a kids’ movie.

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