How Mickey Mouse and Alan Moore Prove That the Zodiac is B.S.


On this day in 1928, “Steamboat Willie” debuted, making it the officially recognized birthday of Mickey Mouse. Thirty-five years later, comic-book writer Alan Moore was born. The irony is too delightful not to mention, as they are pretty much polar opposites. You say one is a cartoon character and the other is not? I say I have my doubts about that. But Mr. dream-traveling, pagan snake ritual-holding, name removing (his surname really should be Smithee at this point) Moore is the one who believes in signs and portents and mysticism, or so his public persona would have us believe: I wonder how he feels about sharing a birthday with the most ubiquitous corporate mascot in pretty much all of human history.

As I look at my now-complete set of Mattel Watchmen figures, I kinda wish he’d been more of a control freak about them rather than walking away completely. And yes, Mickey Mouse is fictional (I suspect much of Moore’s mystique is too, but I can’t prove it) so it’s hard to say the zodiac applies.

I just really, really wanted an excuse to put Alan Moore in Mickey Mouse ears. Happy birthday, ya freak (I still love you).