Hasbro Fully Erases Lines Between Nerds and Jocks, With Nike-Exclusive Megatron


[NOTE: This post has been updated with purchase and price details at the very end]

Okay, since I don’t give a toss about team sports, I didn’t know this – but Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson has the nickname of “Megatron.” And rather than fight the association with the leader of the evil Decepticons, Hasbro is totally going with it, creating a new Nike shoe for Johnson featuring the Decepticon logo, signature “Show no mercy” quote and glow-in-the-dark deco. The shoe comes with a special Megatron repaint figure, who has a football as a bonus accessory.

Did I say shoe? Actually, there are three shoes, also available in a special Transformers box set. Read on for highlights from the press release…


The Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer’s purple upper gives the shoe a robotic, armored look, while the red accents refer back to the secondary color of the action figure. Under the forefoot strap, Johnson’s favorite MEGATRON quote, “Show no mercy,” appears. It’s a reminder of the athletic mindset needed to succeed at the highest level, and the perseverance required to rise to the top. The metallic silver heel of the trainer carries a classic TRANSFORMERS grid pattern as well as a bold, iconic DECEPTICON logo at center.

Produced in collaboration with Hasbro, the 5-inch purple and red TRANSFORMERS MEGATRON action figure inspired by Calvin Johnson mirrors the cues of his signature Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max. The distinctive red cruciform pattern found on the toebox and upper of the trainer are utilized on the arms and feet of the figure. Johnson’s signature appears alongside the iconic DECEPTICON shield on MEGATRON’S chest. In robot mode, the MEGATRON figure is designed to be broad yet agile, and the iconic “wing” jet conversion is meant to mirror Johnson’s speed and power.

Complementing the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max, the Megatron Nike Air Trainer SC II draws more muted inspiration from the TRANSFORMERS character. A tonal, reflective circuitry board pattern is featured on the medial and lateral quarter panels, and like the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max, the DECEPTICON logo appears welded at the heel. Premium Nubuck is used at the overlays, and a glow-in-the-dark outrigger punctuates the sole tooling. The final TRANSFORMERS inspired flourish is a removable strap across the upper.

In further celebration of Johnson’s athletic achievements, the limited edition Megatron Rises 3-Pack incorporates the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max, the Megatron Nike Air Trainer SC II, and a special edition Nike CJ81 Megatron Elite TD Cleat. Inspired by the ALLSPARK from TRANSFORMERS lore, the box of the Megatron Rises 3-Pack is a unique, converting cube-shaped design. Decorated entirely with original artwork, the lines of the box mimic robotic surfaces and are augmented by triangles, hash marks, x’s, and o’s in reference to the football field and offensive passing plays. The effect is, like Calvin Johnson, “More Than Meets The Eye” – a package that opens to reveal all three shoes and the Hasbro action figure.

Exclusive to the Megatron Rises 3-Pack, The Nike CJ81 Megatron Elite TD shares the same MEGATRON-inspired design as the Nike CJ81 Megatron Trainer Max and celebrates Johnson’s true dominance of the receiver position. The cleat combines natural motion with superior lockdown to allow Johnson’s full athletic ability to flourish.

Okay, so – are we actually at the point now where people are going to buy Nike shoes and keep them mint-in-box? Yes, athletes, I know that this is a strange concept, but you’re in our world now. Keep trying to explain the rules of football to me, and I’ll give you collectible tips. Like when I used to do your homework for you in exchange for not getting wedgies. You remember.


— The Megatron Rises Box set carries a retail price of $550. (NOTE: The box set is the two pair of sneakers, a pair of cleats, and the special edition Megatron Transformers action figure.)

— All “Megatron Rises” items will be available at of November 26 with the Megatron Rises Box set available a few days earlier in limited quantities only at 21 Mercer in New York City.

— Outside of the Megatron Rises Box set, the special edition Megatron Transformers figure will be sold as a promotional item with the CJ Trainer Max Megatron (Calvin’s signature shoe) ONLY. Only available with purchase of that particular model.