Forty-ish Fanboy Is Co-Blogging About Star Wars With His Actual 7 Year-Old Self


The unnamed author of the blog The Happening Book recently recovered his old second-grade journal, and is posting each entry online, 35 years to the day since it was written. His adult self adds significant events and context to each drawing and vintage thought. For example, under the image above: “Like Han would ever let R2 pilot the Falcon. Pfft.”

As he puts it, “Leafing through the now-yellowed pages, I was immediately struck by waves of nostalgia, but also recognition — so much of what I cared about then are things I still care about now.”

I feel like maybe we were the first generation that had that cultural permission to keep those same interests. I’m a little younger, but even in the words from that era of somebody I don’t know personally – I too feel recognition.