Console Wars? Over. This Home Arcade With Built-in Beer Taps and Fridge Wins


Meet the Kegerator, a.k.a. the greatest device in the world not to give happy endings (yet). It comes pre-loaded with 140 classic arcade games – the actual, original programs, so that all your old tips and tricks will still work – has built in MP3 software to create your own accompanying music playlist, and comes with a built-in fridge, cup-holders and three beer taps. As the press release puts it, “players never have to stop the action to refill their drink.”

I don’t know how you folks are with beer, but if a lot of it is being consumed, I can think of at least one reason the action might need to be paused. Unless there’s a future model planned with built-in urinals.

Still, PS4 and Xbox One got nothing on this ultimate machine…er, except price. The Kegerator costs five thousand dollars. But it’s not like you’ll ever need to leave the house once you have one, so you can always sell your car.