Mega Man Animated in Glass Tiles


Oh sure, you might think it sounds easy to animate Mega Man in glass tiles. But to do so in a manner that places him into the most dangerous environment he’s ever traversed, i.e. a dirty bachelor’s apartment in the real world? Mad skillz.

Like the Destructoid writer at the linked page which led me to the video, I also wanted a slightly better ending. But if it’s actually a cliffhanger that leads into a sequel, so much the better.

P.S. – this guy’s apartment is kid’s stuff compared to the room I work in – a veritable minefield of toys, sharp objects, trash and beer cans. You don’t want nonea this, Glass Megs. May I call you that? Does it defy the purpose of trash-talking to ask “May I call you that?” Is this line of questioning getting too existential? Well fine, then.

Video after the jump, Mr. Picky.

h/t SlyDante777