Schwarzenegger to Be the New Avatar Villain, Eh?

Arnold by Eva Rinaldi

Will he play General Gar G. Mel?

Seriously, though, let’s get the obvious answers out of the way:

-I do.


The questions, of course, are “Who the fuck cares about Avatar sequels anyway” and “Do you really trust El Mayimbe at Latino Review?”

Mayimbe’s Planet Hulk rumors were probably premature speculation, but he called Cumberbatch as Khan and Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon before anyone else (and I know some of his sources). As for Avatar, it gets easily dismissed, and obviously I can mock it like anybody else can (see image above). Still, its ability to create an immersive, believable world you’d want to visit was no small thing. Its achingly sincere plot may have been too on-the-nose for some, but it clearly worked for many.

And getting Arnold to stomp all over those trees and tree-huggers might be just the ticket to bring cynics back. Cameron likes to work with the same people over and over, so I buy it.

What say you – does this sweeten the sequel deal?