Yoda Ears for Dogs Are an Official Thing


Are you a nerd?

Do you want your pet to hate you?

Or do you care as long as s/he bow-wows down before the one (property) you serve?

Then you’ll just love the new Star Wars Pet Fans Collection, coming to a Petco near you starting Sept. 1st. Also available – neckties for dogs, Princess Leia hair-hats for cats, plush mice shaped like Darth Vader, and canine Boba Fett hoodies.

Beyond the simple discomfort of it all, there’s something truly ironic about dressing a dog up as Yoda. Because I’ve never, ever encountered a dog who would accept the logic that “there is no try.”

(Where are this dog’s loyalties, anyway? Vader on the collar, Yoda ears…)

If you want to see the entire collection, and realize that Disney is now going to slap a logo on whatever crap they can possibly think of (and more than you can imagine, even if, like Han, you can imagine quite a bit), check out the Star Wars Petco press release.