Lego Marvel: The Crossover Hollywood Won’t Bring You


What if an Avengers sequel could include Wolverine, the Fantastic Four, Spider-man and Deadpool? And you could control the action?

Think that’s something only Axel Braun could make happen, and that it would have too many genitalia for your liking? Not so – Lego can and has put together a team lineup that Disney, Sony and Fox will probably never agree to, though why they’re going with movie-version Abomination, I’m not sure. Nobody likes him when he’s not Tim Roth. And while we’re on the subject, are Marvel movies ever going to bring back Tim Blake Nelson as the leader?

And when do we get a Lego Coulson? It must happen, mustn’t it?

Never mind all that. Just need game now. E3 trailer after jump will make obvious why.