Your He-Man Round-Up: DC Comics Crossover, Random Hordak Variant and 5-Foot Vintage Skeletor


First up, as the image above suggests, comic-book He-Man – in his new cut-off Iron Man costume – will be taking on the Justice League when Skeletor finds himself on Earth and presumably gets the heroes to fight each other rather than the skull-faced demon behind the curtain.

He-man and Superman have met before waaaay back in the day – and at that time, Supes was vulnerable to He-Man’s powers because of his overall weakness to magic. We’ll see if that happens again.

Kudos on a really boring Roboto redesign, guys.

Meanwhile, back at He-homebase, a.k.a., Mattel’s been pissing off (or pissing on, depending who you ask) collectors by putting up an unannounced “Spirit of Hordak” figure for sale, and saying he’ll appear at random times in the future – apparently they need site traffic that badly that they’re incentivising fans to check constantly now.


For those who’ve been wondering since last Comic-Con who the white crossbow would come with, now you know.

Finally, here’s a guy who made a five-foot tall replica of vintage Skeletor: