Who Wants to Buy Baby Dolls Based on the Psycho Shower Scene?


I’ll just give you a minute to let that image sink in.



You know…

Okay. I get that Living Dead Dolls are supposed to be disturbing – it’s their whole reason for being. But there’s a difference between “evil doll gonna come to life and kill you” disturbing and “classic movie scene that combined titillation with gender-confusion and psychosis, now starring what would appear to be five year-olds.”

There is a difference, right?

…just as he did in the film, Norman is wearing pants underneath Mother’s dress.

Good to know. Really, really good to know.

And since he was in silhouette the whole time, exactly how do you know that? Yes, the actor may have worn them, but who knows what the character was doing? Like, you could also include “chocolate syrup like they used in the movie,” except the syrup was playing the role of blood. See the difference?

Are the pants mentioned so we’re reassured of his manliness? Are you reassured? Is Norman himself a slur against the transgendered? Can we get a Norman Bates versus Madea movie someday, ideally with Norman winning decisively? Wait, that’s probably a bad idea.

Meanwhile, you can preorder these dolls for $64.