Schwarzenegger to do Toxic Avenger Remake…But Won’t Play Toxie?

Nothing about this news makes sense. Which is why it’s amazing.

Ahnuld remaking a Troma movie is weird enough. But if it is to happen, there’s a bizarre kind of logic to it – the Toxic Avenger is a large, muscular character, so you want to cast a guy who matches that description.

Except…he’s playing a different character in it?

I can’t think of any Troma character he’d be perfect for – Kabukiman? Bozo? – but I suppose if they use any elements of the Toxic Crusaders cartoon, he could be Major Disaster.

Dork Dimension


UPDATE: Sadly, not Major Disaster. Deadline says:

Schwarzenegger would play “the Exterminator,” a former black ops agent, who trains Toxie to use his powers for good. Together they take on the lurking menace created by the polluters, and the polluters themselves.

Exterminator. Ex-terminator. Yep, that’s a bad pun worthy of Lloyd Kaufman.