When You Want to Reek of Booze but Can’t Drink: Bourbon Perfume

Scodioli Creative

I know I’ve had that problem. Drunks can be all mean, making fun of sobriety and shit. But sometimes I have to drive home. In fact, I have to do that all the time, because I live in America’s most spread-out, no-decent-public-transportation-having city.

So how to stave off the mockery and the stigma of being the lame guy at the party? I never asked myself that question, but the answer has materialized anyway – a scent that smells like bourbon, my favorite booze. Only I need something to instantly remove it as well, because if I get pulled over anyway on said drive, the smell of liquor will most likely prove unhelpful.

Eh, I’m probably not actually the intended audience. Dorky college kids looking for misguided credibility will probably snap it up, though. Combined it with cannabis-scented breath spray, and you could also pretend to be a gangsta rapper. Or Hank Williams Jr.

And for anyone who asks how this is nerdy – are you kidding me? Who but a true nerd would come up with a way to smell like booze that bypasses any kind of actual imbibing whatsoever?

via LA Weekly