Scream: The TV Series. How’s that Likely to Work out?


MTV is going to make it happen, even as they renew Snooki & Jwoww. I can’t be the only one thinking that a crossover between the two might be really popular.

But the slasher-inspired series as a concept has a chequered past. One way to go about it is only use the name, and have a new plot with nothing whatsoever to do with the brand you just bought…

Another is to recast your slasher as more of a classic horror host, but that doesn’t really work when said killer is masked, anonymous, and only speaks over a telephone…

I’m guessing they’ll be doing it as a mystery series with season-long arcs – at least with Scream, you can always put a new killer in the costume each time. But will the show comment on TV cliches like the movies did with movies?

It actually could be cool. I just have a feeling it won’t be.